Unbiased Assessment of Bob’s Furniture Mattress: Comprehensive Reviews


Bob’s Discount Furniture is a name synonymous with value and affordability in the home furnishing industry. Among its diverse profile of offerings, one category that has garnered significant attention from consumers across the spectrum is its collection of mattresses.

Comprehensive Understanding of Bob’s Furniture Mattress Range

Before digging deeper into the details of the individual products, it is essential to understand the wide range Bob’s Furniture offers in its mattress segment.

Bob’s Furniture’s Mattress Collection

Bob’s Furniture encapsulates a plethora of mattress varieties – from innerspring and hybrid to gel-infused memory foam. This diversity ensures that every consumer, regardless of their preference, can find a mattress that meets their needs.

Getting to Know the Individual Mattresses

To truly appreciate the legacy of Bob’s Furniture’s mattresses, it is pertinent to review each mattress on its own merit. Therefore, the following sections will systematically analyze different mattresses, examining their features, pros, cons, and user satisfaction.

People’s Choice Plush Mattress Review

The People’s Choice Plush Mattress is arguably one of the most popular in the Bob’s Furniture collection. This mattress promises a sleeping experience that is both plush and luxurious.

Features of People’s Choice Plush Mattress

This mattress features three unique layers, each engineered with meticulous attention to ensure maximum comfort. The layers include an upper layer of quilt foam, a middle layer of ComfortSoft foam, and a base thick layer of Sealy Classic Coil.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The mattress’s firmness is medium, suitable for all types of sleepers. However, it might not be comfortable for those who prefer extremely soft mattresses.

User Satisfaction

The People’s Choice Plush Mattress has an impressive user satisfaction rate, with consumers heralding its affordability, comfort, and durability.

Black Label Gel Mattress Review

The Black Label Gel Mattress is another flagship product from the Bob’s Furniture mattress collection.

Features of Black Label Gel Mattress

For widespread comfort, this mattress employs Bob-O-Pedic Gel Memory Foam and a high-density foam layer. It also includes ventilated Bob-O-Pedic Gel infused Memory Foam to ensure breathability.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Black Label Gel Mattress is an excellent choice for people seeking customization, as it is available in plush, firm, and dual feel. On the flip side, customers report off-gassing issues, which usually resolve within a few days.

User Satisfaction

The mattress has overall positive reviews, with users praising its long-lasting comfort and superior motion isolation.

Bob-O-Pedic Gel Mattress Review

The Bob-O-Pedic Gel Mattress is a cost-effective, high-quality option.

Features of Bob-O-Pedic Gel Mattress

The crux of this mattress is the 2" layer of Bob-O-Pedic Gel Infused Memory Foam, which efficiently contours the body for maximum comfort and support.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Bob-O-Pedic Gel Mattress comes with a knit fabric cover offering a barrier from dust mites, allergens, and moister. However, it only comes in medium firmness, leaving fewer options for consumers needing different firmness levels.

User Satisfaction

Customer reviews reveal overall satisfaction with the Bob-O-Pedic Gel Mattress’s comfort, pricing, and the significant reduction in motion transfer.


Bob’s Furniture has indeed set a worthy benchmark in the mattress industry. Each mattress represents a blend of comfort, durability, and affordability. Understanding the diverse offerings allows prospective buyers to invest wisely in a product that aligns precisely with their requirements. The brand has successfully fostered a satisfied and loyal consumer base, solidifying its formidable position in the market.

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